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Brandi L. Castillo

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First Choice Realty
2701 Bickford Ave, Suite C.
Snohomish, WA 98290

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I began working in Real Estate while I was finishing up my Master's Degree. Going to school and working 2 jobs was getting tough, especially while taking care of a family. I'd always loved real estate, but feared working by commission. I began with a small company called the Real Estate Bundle, which later became a Re/Max office. Though I loved my job, I just didn't feel like the office was quite right for me. I had worked with Jennifer Pretty on a transaction together, and loved the way she worked. I appreciated her willingness to work together instead of against each other, as many Real Estate Brokers do. She had tons of integrity and knew a lot about real estate law practices. When I realized it was time to move on to another office, First Choice was the automatic choice!

I believe in putting my clients first, and the transaction second. Though I work tirelessly on each transaction, I always make sure that my clients are taken care of, that they are having the best experience possible. I help them work with their lenders, help them prepare for their real estate journey, then see them through to the end.  I work with them to get things out of the way that may be bothering them during the transaction as well; such as helping with yard sales, painting, whatever helps take the stress off of their plate while going through this stressful (though also fun and exciting) time.

Before working in Real Estate, I always had more than one job. I'd worked the last 16 years in Social Services and therapy-related fields. I worked at Big Brothers Big Sisters, starting as a case worker and working my way up to program management, specializing in programs around higher risk youth, including kids with incarcerated parents and children with drug and alcohol issues within the household. I taught parenting classes and ran support groups. I worked in grief therapy, which was a tough but rewarding profession.

I was born and raised in Snohomish County, where my family has lived for generations. I moved to Oklahoma for a few years, during which time I gave birth to my first 4 beautiful children. Since I've moved back in 2001, I have lived in Everett and Mill Creek. I love the Pacific Northwest, even with it's rain. From my house, while driving down the main street, I can see mountains to both the East and West. How wonderful is that? And it's just a quick drive to the water or to the snow. Beautiful. Breath-taking.

I'm married to my very best friend, Rene. We spend as much time together as possible and often forget about bedtimes and stay up all night talking. We love to go for long drives and go to movies. We can make the best of going out to dinner and out dancing, or hanging out at home watching Netflix or On Demand. We spend quite a bit of time with the kids, as often as we can. It has certainly been different since the majority of them are grown, but the best days are the ones when they are all home together!

We have a combined NINE kids. I have Erin, Payton, Ryann and Travin by birth. They are my beautiful, amazing, talented wonderful babies. Erin, Payton and Ryann are all adults now; living their own lives and doing their own things. It's hard to believe they were once-upon-a-time just babies. We lost Travin this past year at the age of 16 in a tragic auto accident.  I then had Stephanie, J and Hunter. They are my children through marriage. When that marriage dissolved, I never regretted it a day because I still have a relationship with all of these babies and they are still my kids. These kids have amazing moms who allow them to continue being a part of our family even though I'm no longer married to their dad. The kids have all grown up together and would be devastated to be separated. Rene has pseudo-"adopted" them as his family as well. The boys call him their leap-dad (a step after a step is a leap). My husband brought to our family two rambunctious girls full of energy, Ashlynn and Inara. They are the only "babies" in the house, as all of the others are now out on their own. Jake came to our home through one of our other kids and has been adapted right into the family fold, part of our family now for well over 10 years I'd guess.

I began my love of education at Arlington, where I graduated from their old high school. After graduating, I took a few classes at Everett Community College. It wasn't until later in my life that I went back to Everett Community College to get my AA for general studies. During that time, I took a Human Services class taught by a Western Washington University professor. I loved the class and the professor; so, even though I was accepted at the University of Washington (my long-time desired school of choice), and because they had a great Co-op program for my toddlers, I went to WWU for my undergraduate (BA) degree in Human Services. After graduation (and again turning down another UW acceptance at the school of Social Work), I went to the Leader Institute of Seattle (commonly known as LIOS) and got my graduate degree (MA) in  Psychology & Applied Behavioral Sciences.

In Real Estate, I received my schooling through the Rockwell Institute, and do my continuing education courses through them, through the NW Multiple Listing Service, and through a variety of title and escrow companies.

I really appreciated working with Brandi, she is extremely knowledgeable about the whole buying/selling process and proved invaluable. She explained what was needed and answered my questions. If I buy another home I will definitely ask Brandi to be my Realtor.

- Iona

Brandi, Is most honest real estate agent ever work with. She will help you get what you need with your money and budget. She's always alert on Market change and conditions of Real Estate. Brandi is the right fit to be your leader in real estate. I have full confidence of her job that she will help me to be top on my real estate purchases Brandi easy to talked to and approachable person. Thank you

- AJ

Brandi it's a great realtor! She really did a great job of helping us understand the buying process. She was always willing to answer any questions we had, and if she didn't know the answer then she was quick to find out what it was. The best thing was that Brandi treated us like family, and not just clients. I really enjoyed having her around, and worrying with her. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell their home.

- Porter

My husband and I just bought our first house with Brandi's help and I highly recommend working with her. She was so helpful and knowledgeable. She answered every question, anytime (& I had a lot) and was so personable. It felt like working with a friend not just a real estate agent. Both my husband and myself would recommend Brandi to any of our friends or family.

- Katie & Jacob

Myself and my wife just purchased our first home and chose Brandi to navigate us through this exciting and sometimes stressful process. Brandi is terrific and such a hard worker. I cannot say enough about how much she cares about her clients and will work her tail off to make it go as smooth as possible. Brandi is always there to answer questions and help when needed. It was great when she handed us our keys to our first home and thanked us for allowing her to be there during our journey. We feel so lucky to have found her and have recommended her to friends and coworkers, if you are looking to buy or even sell please give Brandi a chance you will be glad you did. Thank you Brandi!

- Sarah & Vance

Brandi is AMAZING!!!! Brandi is very professional, honest & knowledgeable. Brandi is helpful with every step of the process. She explains each step and why certain things are happening and what the future steps will be. She is detail oriented as well as friendly when explaining everything to you. I will recommend her to all my friends and family. I had 3 other agents and a lot of time wasted before her. I wish I had Brandi to begin with to buy our first home.

- Becky

Brandi is a great real estate agent. She took the time to ask questions of my husband and myself to see what it was that we were looking for in a place to call home. She has many working relationships with different mortgage companies, the first two that we went to did not work for us, she was able to pair us up with a wonderful company that I continually tell my friends about. Brandi was also able to let us know about the different areas we were looking at to live, (schools, shopping, etc.) She is very upbeat and no matter how many times we needed to go out to find our home she kept positive and kept us positive.

- Shannon

I have worked with many Realtors and Brandi is the BEST by far!! She will hold your hand every step of the way! She negotiated great with other realtors and keep your best interests in mind!!!

- Kara & Scott:

Brandi is the best Realtor I have ever dealt with she will go the extra mile for her clients negotiating, preparation, intuition and honesty the best trait for a realtor to have.

- Antonio

Brandi helped my husband and I find our very first house. Because of Brandi's knowledge and commitment to getting us the house, the whole process was fun and stress free. She got us a great deal on the perfect first home for us. She's warm and personable, very communicative and a joy to work with.

- Jaime

Brandi is a wonderful real estate agent!! She is positive, encouraging, friendly and incredibly personable and has a great sense of humor! Brandi is very professional, knowledgeable and very helpful! She had patience and willingness to go the extra mile for us in our search. We feel very fortunate to have worked with her and highly recommend her! We also hope we stay in touch with her because she is just absolutely the BEST!! :-)

- Sharon & Richard

I worked with Brandi end of 2012 to April 2013 when I moved into my new home. She has definitely went far and beyond in helping me find the right house, negotiated with a tough selling agent and smoothly kept constant contact with my bank to help my loan go through. I am glad I worked with an agent like her who was 100% on my side. I highly recommend her and look forward to working with her shall I have future real estate needs.

- Ebrima

She is so positive and knowledgeable. It was a wonderful experience finding my new home with Brandi's help. She was so organized and made the hunt fun! When I felt out of my depth and frustrated she had my back, providing the information and positive feedback. He honesty and personable nature made this a great experience!

- Lisa